Shades of me: Purple Haze

It’s been a crazy few months and suddenly it is my turn on the Shades of me tour, and I have half an outfit sewn up! I’m hoping to finish the short I had planned and photograph them later this week, so stop back then and you can check out what I was supposed to be sharing today!

The Crafty Kitty | Mockingjay Plantain T-shirt

I LOVE this top though, seriously, I was really pleased with how it turned out! I used two shades of organic single jersey and organic cotton sewing thread.

The pattern is a free pdf download, from one of my favourite pattern makers Eléonore Klein who owns Deer & Doe. I recently made the Aubepine Dress and the shorts I am sewing this week are the Chataigne Shorts.

The pattern is the plantain t-shirt and it comes with three sleeve lengths and elbow patches and is a cinch to sew together.

I made a few adaptations. First and most obvious is that I created a mockingjay reverse appliqué template. I then cut out a second front and back piece out of a lighter shade of purple and added an extra inch to the bottom of both pieces. This gave a layered effect.
The Crafty Kitty | Mockingjay Plantain T-shirt

I am absolutely in love with my new sewing machine as well, and it makes sewing knits so easy. I stuck with my lovely stretch tricot stitch (I think I have seen this referred to as a lightening bolt stitch), and all top stitching and appliqué stitching was done using my triple stretch stitch. I need to get some more shades in the large cones of organic sewing thread so that I can make more use of my overlocker, for finishing off seams, so I left these ones unfinished.

The Crafty Kitty | Mockingjay Plantain T-shirt

I had planned all along to use these old thick knitted leggings with my finished outfit, thankfully I also managed to rediscover this purple cotton skirt that I had hidden away, so I could call this an outfit! I actually took a scrap of the dark purple organic jersey and tied it to make a quick headband, but I don’t think you can really see it in the photo! You also can’t really see that my hair is dyed purple on the top half, although the green is a little easier to see… head to toe purple my friends!

Come back later to see my final finished look (note to self, must purchase zipper!!) and make sure to check out all the other fabulous tour stops and outfits…

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    Very nice! A little Alabama Chanin inspiration here, I think??

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