Kids Clothes Week Summer 2013: Day 1

The Crafty Kitty | Shorts Pattern + Tutorial


Hooray! It’s Kids Clothes Week: Summer Edition! Let’s kick things off with this pair of shorts I whipped up, using a pair of Lily’s existing shorts as a starting template! I did a rough pattern draft (size 4-5 years/110cm with finished waist of approximately 20″), which you can download for free (for personal use only and please link back so that others can get the pattern from here)! It is very rough at the moment and you need to be able to print with no border. Hopefully next week I can smarten it up and maybe even create a range of sizes!

The Crafty Kitty | Shorts Pattern + Tutorial

These shorts started out life as a women’s wrap around top and a man’s t-shirt! I sewed them together using my sewing machine, overlocker and organic cotton sewing thread in natural shade.

The Crafty Kitty | Shorts Pattern + TutorialOkay, let’s get cutting! You need the following (1/2″ seam allowance included):

From the pattern (either self-drafted or using the free pattern above)

  • shorts front x2
  • shorts back x2
  • pocket front x2
  • pocket back x2

You also need to cut (1/2″ seam allowance included):

  • waistband x1 [5″ x 21″]
  • leg cuff x2 [4″ x 17″]

Once you have those…

The Crafty Kitty | Shorts Pattern + Tutorial

Time to get sewing!

First assemble your waistband and cuffs. Fold waistband vertically (right sides facing) and sew the raw edges together. Turn waistband right side out and then fold it in on itself horizontally so that you have a a nice circle of waistband right sides facing out. do the same with the cuffs

The Crafty Kitty | Shorts Pattern + Tutorial

  1. attach pocket front to shorts front
  2. attach pocket back to pocket front
  3. baste pocket and short waist and side (1/4″ from the edge)
  4. sew inseam
  5. sew crotch
  6. sew side seams
  7. attach assembled waistband (match raw edges of waistband and shorts’ waist, right sides facing)
  8. attach assembled leg cuffs (match raw edges of leg cuff and shorts’ leg, right sides facing)

and you are done! If you don’t have an overlocker, use a 1/2″ seam allowance and a stretch straight stitch/narrow zig zag stitch, trim to 1/4″ and finish seam either with an overlock stitch or a zigzag stitch.

For this pair I used main fabric for everything apart from the pocket front and the waistband. I have another pair lined up, which I will be using contrast fabric for the waistband, cuffs and pocket back. You could just make them all one colour/print or you could create a colour blocked pair!

I’m off to take the kids out in the sunshine and hopefully take a few shots of the shorts in action!


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