Birthdays, Chocolate Cake and Hobby Horse!

My daughter turned FOUR! Where does the time go? No, seriously… it has been almost a month since her birthday and I am just typing up this post, and the past four years have just flown by!

The Crafty Kitty | Upcycled Hobby Horse

My daughter LOVES creative play. She gets to choose activities each morning at her pre-school and if Role Play is up on the board, that is the first one she goes for.  I’ve been trying to focus on making things for her that will appeal to this interest. For her birthday I made this hobby horse, that has been on my to make list forever!

I used this tutorial from ikatbag to make the horse. The materials I used were: an old pair of brown linen trousers; organic cotton fleece for the snout and ears; kunin eco-fi felt for the eyes and nostrils; organic cotton ribbon for the harness and organic wool for the mane. The horse was stuffed with the fibres from an old pillow. I added a small amount of Pellon Legacy Eco Cotton Blend wadding to the ears, to add a little stiffness.

The Crafty Kitty | Upcycled Hobby HorseI can’t believe I took so long, to get around to making this horse! It was so simple to make! My daughter has loved playing with the horse. She does everything from run around inside and out with it to feeding it and having conversations. We were playing alphabet search the other day, where I hide the letters around the room and she goes and finds them and tries to guess the letters. Lily asked for a clue, and I said that her horse might be able to help her and she found the letter near by and did the voice of the horse and had a little conversation with it! My son (23 months) really likes playing with the hobby horse too. He waits until his big sister is at pre-school and then rides on the horse going “trit-trot! trit-trot!”. Sooo cute! I also recently discovered a hobby horse tutorial on Red Ted Art as well! Maggy’s tutorial uses a sock!

The Crafty Kitty | Vegan Chocolate Cake with MarshmallowsOf course no birthday is complete without CAKE! I had a conversation with my daughter about what kind of cake she wanted for her birthday and she straight away said “chocolate cake”. I asked her if she wanted a particular shape cake… you know mog from meg and mog, or a peppa pig cake or something. She was adamant that she wanted a “circle cake”. So circle chocolate cake she got!

Can you believe it is almost summer?! It is only a few weeks until my daughter finishes pre-school for the holidays and I’m feeling the need to start preparing already, so I have lots of ideas up my sleeves ready to go! Hopefully, I will get a chance to take some photos to share with you what we get up to! I’ll be sharing some of the ideas I have collected from around the web over the next few weeks!

I used the chocolate cupcake recipe from ‘vegan cupcakes take over the world’… doubled, to make the sponge! Sandwiched the two cakes together using mimilicious dairy free alternative to clotted cream (you can read my review here, if you missed it). I then used the chocolate frosting recipe from ‘vegan cupcakes take over the world’ to cover the top and sides of the cake, covered the frosting with crushed cookies and topped the cake with Sweet & Sara Marshmallows (Our favourite!! We buy them from need sweets). Needless to say, the cake was very well received!

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