Vegan Cream Tea: Klotted Kream Review

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Yesterday my delivery of Klotted Kream arrived. Although, sadly I was not in and we only picked it up this morning! We ordered 3 x 8oz pots. One pot went in the fridge and the other two went in the freezer (needs to be used up within 8 weeks)! I had always planned to make scones, and today was so beautifully sunny, that it seemed a perfect idea!

The Crafty Kitty | Vegan Cream TeaDevonshire Klotted Kream, are a Devonshire (Exeter to be precise) based Vegan company that started selling their Klotted Kream, a dairy-free clotted cream alternative, just over a month ago. The small pots are big enough to cover 4 scones, or a Victoria sponge cake. 25% of the profits from each purchase is going to be donated to animals in need.

The Crafty Kitty | Vegan Cream TeaThe Kream is free from:┬ádairy, soya, lactose, cholesterol, saturated animal fat, WHEAT gluten, sugar and nuts (no nuts or nut based ingredients). It is actually made from oats! But what does it taste like??!! Pretty damn good is what I say! I am really quite pleased that it wasn’t made from something icky like almonds and I don’t really enjoy soya based creams at all. I really don’t remember properly, the consistency of actual Devonshire clotted cream, or what it tastes like… I asked my husband, and he thinks it was a pretty good match, but when I asked when the last time he actually had clotted cream was, he couldn’t remember! We all agreed that the cream was really tasty and didn’t seem “Vegan”. I promised my parents that I would make another batch of scones, next time they come down, so I will put the taste/texture question to them.

Really, I’m not that bothered if it is an accurate replica of a non-vegan item… who cares, as long as it tastes great! I actually think it was so much like dairy-cream, that it was a little bit too much for me, but then I did have TWO scones!! I was never really one for masses of cream, even when I did eat it, so I am probably not the best indicator of how rich the Kream is!

The scone recipe was the one on the manufacturer’s website. The only change I made was that we only had vanilla soya yogurt in the fridge, so it would have made the scones, minimally more sweet/vanilla flavoured. I am looking forward to trying out some of the other recipes, especially the eclair style cream puffs and the banoffee pie! We have 3 days to use up the rest of the pot! Although, there are still 4 scones left at the moment!

The Crafty Kitty | The Cat that almost got the cream!The cat that almost got the cream (apparently, if I am busy taking photos of food, then it is up for grabs!).


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