Handprinted: a fabric swap III-part one

I ended up spending a lovely afternoon playing around with some hand carved stamps and organic cotton batiste fabric. I thought I would share a few pictures and thoughts from today, then tomorrow I will photograph my final fabric pieces and write up my process properly!

The Crafty Kitty | Hand Carved Stamps for Block PrintingI have been doodling in a sketch book for a week or so, playing around with ideas for this fabric printing as well as some embroidery patterns and other tutorials. I actually decided to carve out this dragonfly, originally, just as a practice run. I then decided I quite liked the print it made and so I have just created different prints using the dragonfly and the star print. The dragonfly is actually part of a free embroidery pattern I am writing up, that will be part of a sewing tutorial. Hopefully, more on that soon!

The Crafty Kitty | Lino Roller PrintI started out using a roller to apply the fabric paint, but I had serious issues trying to get it to apply evenly and not get massive blobs of paint pooling in the stamp.

The Crafty Kitty | Hand Carved Stamp Block PrintingIn the end I just used a brush to apply the paint and the results were much better!

The Crafty Kitty | Hand Carved Stamp Block PrintingLily wanted to give it a go too!

The Crafty Kitty | Hand Carved Stamp Block PrintingShe got a little over enthusiastic and stamped twice in the same area, so her fat quarter is in the practice pile! I am a little nervous as the prints I made weren’t quite as crisp as I was hoping, maybe this is just me comparing with the screen printing I did recently! My screen isn’t big enough to print the fabric in one go though, so I decided to stick with block printing.

My partners for the swap are:

I really hope they are going to like the prints that I have made! It was quite hard work carving the stamps and I managed to stab myself 3 times with the carving tool, so whilst the prints might not be perfect, there has definitely been blood and sweat (thankfully no tears yet!) put into them (but not ACTUALLY on the fabric).

Hopefully I can post off my fabric tomorrow and then I need to get on with my Covert Robin gift!

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