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We are still a little bit behind on our nature detective challenges. Although I prepped these activities last week, we had some friends round for some group crafting and we didn’t end up getting to these particular activities. So one morning this week, I got out the supplies and this is what happened!

The Crafty Kitty|Craft Packs


I have been trying to use these zippa bags to organise craft activities so that, when the mood strikes, I don’t spend half an hour rounding up the supplies that we need causing the children to lose interest! The one above is the pack for the ‘love bug’ cards. You can find the free jar printable for these here. The original uses plastic bugs, but to make it more of a craft activity I chose to do fingerprint bugs.

Also Included in the pack was a finger printing art set with a variety of stamps, the tin was where I got the inspiration for the butterfly, but it also has a caterpillar, ladybird and bee on it. Some Paris Trunk eco-friendly dye based artists ink which uses vegetable based pigments. I got these for an absolute steal at a shop near my parents’ house and bought the entire range! They are really great and wash off little hands really easily! The card stock is recycled ribbed brown card, and the jars are printed on recycled brown paper. The only other items are the regular scissors, glue stick and pens.

The Crafty Kitty|Craft Packs

The other activity I had set up was to make nature hearts. I collected various items from the forest floor on one of our walks with the dog and separated them into these tin foil trays that we have in our supplies box. I cut out some heart shapes from recycled ribbed brown card and put strips of double sided tape across the hearts. They were inspired by the love nature heart collages on wordplayhouse.

The Crafty Kitty|Nature Hearts

For Isaac, I peeled off the backing paper from the double sided sticky tape and gave a little demonstration of what to do. Lily preferred to peel the backing paper off, by herself.

The Crafty Kitty|Nature Hearts

He particularly enjoyed grabbing handfuls of leaves and dumping them on the heart and squishing them.

The Crafty Kitty|Nature Hearts

Lily of course, had a more delicate approach to decorating.

The Crafty Kitty|Exploring Nature

When Isaac had finished making his heart, I gave him a tray full of nature materials to explore.

The Crafty Kitty|Love Bug CardLily got started on her card. I asked her what bug she would like to make, and she decided she wanted to copy my card exactly, making a butterfly and adding hearts as decorations.

The Crafty Kitty|Exploring NatureIsaac had a little play with the magnifying glass as well, but mostly just tapping it against all the different items.

The Crafty Kitty|Exploring NatureWe recently acquired a little light box with Disney characters for tracing. My husband is meant to be making a proper light box for the kids, but until then, we performed a simple temporary hack and removed the paper, to create a light box for exploring different materials. I laminated a few nature items and gave those to Lily with a magnifying glass to look at. I think it probably would have been more effective with a proper light box with stronger light, but this seemed to serve its purpose. The laminated nature items worked quite well, but would have benefited from being properly pressed and dried. It would be nice to have a set of these in our nature box for the future.

The Crafty Kitty|Nature HeartsHere are the final products. Isaac’s heart is on the left and Lily’s is on the right.


The Crafty Kitty|Love Bug Cardand here is Lily’s butterfly card!

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