Big Butt Baby Dungarees

Waaay back in October, I made a lovely pair of dungarees for my son during KCWC Fall 2012. Lately it seems that my time is very thinly spread between caring for my family and household (the latter not so much-you don’t want to see my house right now!), running my online store (which I LOVE!) and squeezing in a little bit of crafting, where I can. Consequently there doesn’t appear to be too much time for writing actual blog posts. Although, I am working on this, just another 18 back dated posts to write up!

The Crafty Kitty | Big Butt Baby Dungarees

I did a bit of a mash up between the big butt baby pants and a pair of dungarees in Ottobre. The main fabric is an organic cotton fairtrade heavy denim and the lining fabric is an organic stretch jersey in a star print.

The Crafty Kitty | Big Butt Baby Dungarees

As you can see, the dungarees are fully lined and they have an adjustable waistband. I used button hole elastic and eco-buttons, which are made from recycled polyester and cotton fibres. I wasn’t sure exactly how I was going to do the back of the dungarees, so I actually taped together the bbbp pattern pieces, but now I would definitely keep the rear panel separate and have a smidge more room in the back, although these dungarees fit wonderfully over a cloth nappy still. I made the largest size, which worked out well, as both fabrics are a little thick, so it reduces the size a little. These dungarees, are one of my favourite items of clothing, that I have made for my son and they still fit fine now he is 18 months old.

The Crafty Kitty | Big Butt Baby Dungarees

You can actually fasten the straps either crossed at the back or just leave them straight over the shoulder. The way I attached the lining fabric, allows you to fold up the legs if they are a little long, revealing the gorgeous star fabric. The straps fasten with a popper (I will get over my button hole fear this year-I promise) and I added a new popper today as the trousers have been a little snug on their previous setting!

The Crafty Kitty | Big Butt Baby Dungarees

3 thoughts on “Big Butt Baby Dungarees

  1. February 6, 2013 at 11:54 am

    They look gorgeous – great job. I made a number of pairs of the BBB pants but never thought about going for dungarees – inspired! Now we are nappy free so back in regular trousers, but I have made treasure pocket pants from the sewing for boys book and they are quite lovely (for boys and girls!)

    1. February 6, 2013 at 11:56 am

      I have been meaning to buy sewing for boys for the past 18 months 😉 I love the look of the treasure pocket pants!

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