Review: Amy’s Kitchen Light & Lean Spaghetti Italiano

Our local Tesco, recently started stocking the Amy’s Kitchen Light and Lean Spaghetti Italiano frozen ready meals. I feel like there is a real gap in the market at the moment for ready made vegan meatballs, so I was really pleased that we found these. Although, I would prefer if there were just bags of frozen vegan meatballs, like you often find with the vegetarian ones!

Usually I am not a big fan of ready made food, the flavours never taste quite right. I was pleasantly surprised with the Spaghetti Italiano. It has bags of flavour and by including the broccoli and courgette, it felt like it really was a complete meal. The meatballs were really tasty and had a great texture but they did seem really soft and ready to break apart. I guess I should add, that I cooked this in the oven, as we don’t own a microwave. So I had to wait a whole 45 minutes for this baby!

It is part of Amy’s Kitchen’s Light & Lean range, so as an evening meal it is a little bit lacking, it only has about 240 calories! Maybe if you were on a diet, you might be happy to have such a light meal. For me though, I found it perfect for a lunchtime option, but I prefer to have a large portion of garlic bread and maybe a few more veggies for a proper evening meal.

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