The Sweet

I haven’t tested quite as many of the sweet recipes for the vegan bean cookbook as I have savoury. The ones I have tried, fall into the ‘healthy’ treats category, include wholegrains, beans (of course) and what I like to think of as ‘good’ sugars including agave.

Black Bean Fudgesicles

These fudgesicles are made using black beans (not that you can tell!). They were a welcome treat during the sporadic heatwaves in England this summer.

Cherry Crumble Bars

I’ve been searching for healthy recipes to make homemade snacks for the kids and I think these cherry crumble bars could be it. My tired brain managed to mess up and not make enough of the cherry filling, but they still turned out pretty good. Next time they will be much more fruity!

You can also catch up on some of my previously blogged sweet recipe tests; here and here

Banana Date Bread

It may not be part of the recipe testing, but I thought I would also share my attempt at an ‘oil-free’, ‘sugar-free’ banana date bread. You can find the recipe here. It was pretty good, although I think we managed to negate the ‘sugar-free’ aspect by eating it with copius amounts of ice-cream on occasion. I left off the sesame seeds and also made it with plain white flour (as we didn’t have any whole-wheat in the house).