Mixed Media Rainbow

I promise I am going to be a good girl and start blogging more regularly, again! Let’s kick things off with a “big art” activity that I set up for Lily the other day, whilst her little brother was sleeping!

I stuck together two pieces of paper from our easel roll and using coloured pencils drew the outline of a rainbow (might be a bit tricky to see in the photo) and using masking tape, fixed it to the wall.

I collected together materials and grouped them by colour. In each of the bowls were materials that could be glued onto the paper (paper shapes, foam shapes, tissue paper, sweet wrappers, fabric and wool). I also gathered up coloured pencils, crayons, chalk and coloured sticky tape.

She had a lot of fun glueing and sticking.

The one activity she really seemed to enjoy was cutting the coloured sticky tape. I was so impressed that she is now able to, independently (after a demonstration), attach the tape to the stool, roll it out and then cut a piece off.

This activity was great as she spent maybe an hour working on the rainbow. I was very surprised that she didn’t want to really draw or colour in any of the rainbow stripes. If she had been given paint, I’m pretty sure there would have been lots of painting going on, but I wasn’t really in the mood for that sort of mess. I might try another rainbow using just paint and different paint stamps/tools next time.

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