Recycled Crafts: Robots

Yesterday Lily had her friend Archie over and we decided to make robots! I had looked the previous night, on the Red Ted Art blog and perused the cardboard tube art posts and found this great idea for a robot.

Both kids were very excited about making robots. We decided to use foil to cover the cardboard tubes (we used empty kitchen roll tubes) and they helped to wrap up the tubes and stuff the foil into each end. Next came decorating, I put out a selection of pom poms, milk bottle tops, coloured sticky tapes, stickers and googly eyes! Unfortunately, neither of the two glues we tried seemed to really stick anything to the foil, which seemed to make the kids lose a bit of interest. As a last resort, we ended up just using sellotape to secure everything!!

We went for concertina arms just like on the Red Ted Art’s Blog and the kids’ interest was renewed helping us make the arms. I cut strips of card and then we covered those in foil before folding them up. The robot on the left is Lily’s robot, which she named “Mr Ball” and the one on the right Archie named “Ben Elf”… We decided not to try and figure out the inner workings of almost three year old minds and how they came up with those names!

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  1. May 11, 2012 at 3:18 pm

    Oooh how adorable are your robots! I love them!!! So pleased you made some!!!


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