Dribble bibs

When Lily was born we got bought a lovely little bib from Bipi Stuff. I really like these bibs as they look a little bit more casual, more like a little neckerchief and they are great for absorbing all the dribble from teething babies!! So far I have only made flat dribble bibs (here and here) but I really wanted to try out the more relaxed look.

Here is my cheekly little one modeling the first attempt, that is actually a present for my niece. I made this bib from organic knit fabric in a ladybird print and backed it with organic cotton fleece in a cherry colour. I lined up the edges and used an overlocker type stitch in a contrasting organic cotton sewing thread. I’m not convinced the fit is quite as nice as the professional one, but I still think it looks pretty cute!

I then made a second bib, for Isaac this time, and I used up the leftover shirt from his winter BBBPs, backed with organic cotton/bamboo fleece and finished the edges with a matching organic cotton sewing thread. Again the fit wasn’t quite perfect, but after a wash cycle the fabric seems to have relaxed a little and it is looking a bit better. I only added one popper on these bibs, as I was afraid some of the fabric might shrink and the extra setting would be too tight but now I might add in a second one to get a sightly better fit around the neck.

One thought on “Dribble bibs

  1. Jeannie
    May 10, 2012 at 4:02 pm

    Oh my gosh, these are so adorable!! what a good design.

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