KCWC Day 6 Patchwork Little Big Pants and Butterfly Tunic

I’m on a roll now… shame KCWC is nearly over! Today’s theme was upcycling. I didn’t use any “new” fabric only old clothes!

First up I will tackle the trousers. The pattern is the little big pants from LilyGiggle. I made a pair of these last year and this time I used an old skirt of mine for the fabric.

The skirt fabric was a little tricky to cut as it had a bit of a flare to the bottom, so I’m not sure if the legs on the trousers are a little flared too, still they look okay so no biggy! There was also a separate lining to the skirt and as the patchwork fabric was quite thin I decided to line the trousers with the skirt lining. I basically just made two pairs of trousers put one inside the other and attached them both to the waistband. I then turned up the bottom of the trouser legs and top stitched them. Due to the way the legs are finished it means I could roll them up and they would have a nice contrast cuff at more of a shorts length instead of three quarter length trouser.

The top I made up as I was going along! It was just an old top of mine and the side and bottom seams are exactly the same. I pintucked along the front neck, then trimmed some fabric on the shoulder seam and cut and reattached the neck back… hope that makes sense! I then cut out some butterflies from the remaining skirt fabric. It ended up being slightly longer than I anticipated, but actually it looks really nice as a dress length, it just probably needs to go with some leggings rather than the long trousers. If I tuck the bottom of the tunic into the trousers and then pull it out a little so that all the butterfly applique is showing, then it looks more like a t-shirt and works well with the trousers!

2 thoughts on “KCWC Day 6 Patchwork Little Big Pants and Butterfly Tunic

  1. April 29, 2012 at 12:24 pm

    what fun pants!

  2. April 29, 2012 at 2:29 pm

    Those pants are fantastic!

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