Searching for buried treasure

A certain little somebody is rather into pirates and gold doubloons at the moment. Needless to say when walking back from the play ground at Alice Holt Forest, when she came across some mole hills, she decided it was buried treasure. So when we got home, husband emptied the sand from our sand pit into a tub, hid some pennies and equipped Lily with tools to uncover the treasure.

We started off finding the coins and putting them into a pot, but before long Lily decided she just wanted to just play with the sand, and that the treasure had to remain buried!! Still it kept her occupied for a full hour!

As we aren’t really using the sand pit in the garden at the moment, I think we will keep the sand in the tub for the moment and maybe try hiding some other objects. We also have a vehicle set from IKEA that has a digger in, that could be fun to add into the mix!

One thought on “Searching for buried treasure

  1. January 8, 2012 at 4:18 am

    how cute, stephanie!! she’s so adorable :)

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