The Vegan Slow Cooker: Meatless Sausage and Mushroom Ragu

As well as the title dish I also got to try out the Apple Sage Sausage recipe that is also in The Vegan Slow Cooker. We forgot, i.e. I asked my husband to but he forgot, to put the seitan on in the evening, so last night we just prepped the seitan and then I cooked it first thing.

I completely messed up where you brown the sausage, because instead of making it into patties and browning those, then crumbling… I just dumped the whole massive lot into a wok smushed down a bit. So it didn’t really get browned and just went into the slow cooker quite moist. Next up, I had misread the ingredients when I wrote the shopping list and I had just bought two regular sized packs of chopped tomatoes which equated to half the amount of tomatoes I actually needed for the ragu. I managed to find one more pack and then I chucked in a bit of extra water and hoped for the best.

Yer it wasn’t really looking hopeful this lunchtime when I rushed to put everything in the slow cooker when I realised that I only had 5 hours left til dinner, because I hadn’t read the recipe properly and had decided in my head that it was a 2 hour cooking time. Tut tut! Still this is what we got…

Not sure it was particularly photogenic. The light had faded by the time I came to take a pic so it was never gonna turn out great. Oh I just realised I forgot to add the basil as well… some days are just like that right? Considering all of this, my hubby and I were really pleased that through some food miracle, it still tasted wonderful! I made the full quantity and I’m going to be freezing it in batches, which is almost a bit of a shame, because I can’t wait to try it again and actually cook it properly. I omitted the mushrooms, as my hubby doesn’t it them, but I’m thinking of just frying up some mushrooms and adding it to a defrosted batch if my husband is away and I want a quick dinner.

I really liked the apple sage sausage, which I was a bit apprehensive about, because i’m not a big fan of fruit in savoury food and also there were walnuts in the mix and I can’t stand them. However, you couldn’t taste the walnuts and the apple was just a subtle hint that actually really added to the taste and made it a little bit different. I would really like to try this mix as sausages, but perhaps also baked into a loaf to have as a Sunday or Christmas roast.

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