The Vegan Slow Cooker: Pumpkin and White Bean Lasagna

Technically for this dish I tried out three recipes in the book:

  • Perfect Pumpkin Puree
  • Make-Your-Own Marinara Sauce
  • Pumpkin and White Bean Lasagna

Cooking the pumpkin in the slow cooker, made it sooo easy to get the pumpkin puree you need for the Lasagna. The Marinara Sauce was fab too. If I was going to make a whole big batch of it I would probably double or triple the ingredients to get a really good batch for freezing. Unfortunately due to having only had the book about 3 whole days I haven’t had chance to stock up the freezer with various different bits from the book. That meant that today I had our brand new large slow cooker, cooking up the pumpkin. Our old small slow cooker cooking up the sauce. I then assembled the lasagna in the large slow cooker after I had finished with the pumpkin. Also because I hadn’t made the pumpkin puree, I couldn’t do any of the “night before” prep, until today.

Here is the pumpkin busy cooking away! Side note: Sainsbury’s are now selling mini pumpkins called “munchkins”!! Despite all the other bits and pieces of cooking I ended up doing it still felt really easy to cook, especially considering we have my mother in law visiting and we went out on a dog walk this afternoon. I set the pumpkin and the marinara sauce going this morning and then set the lasagna off this afternoon after our walk. The lasagna cooked through by 1.5 hours on high which is about the minimum suggested in the book, so that was great! Any longer and I think it would have needed some more sauce or water as it was almost starting to dry out!

As you can see I didn’t manage to get the lasagna out of the slow cooker looking particularly photogenic! We all thought it was rather tasty so thumbs up for this one. I didn’t bother having anything to accompany the lasagna as I made the full 6 serving size and there was only 3 adults and a toddler eating it! I’m thinking maybe some steamed veg, a salad or some garlic bread in the future! All in all I am really impressed, I had never considered cooking lasagna in a slow cooker before and it worked great. I was a little dubious when I put the tofu in as I used silken tofu and the pumpkin ricotta mix was very smooth going into the slow cooker, but it came out quite riccotta-like! A nice dish to make this time of year as well! Last year we grew some pumpkins and it would have been great to have known how to cook them in the slow cooker to make batches of puree to freeze. Hopefully we will grow them again next year and I can put all this new knowledge to good use. I think I may have to buy a canning book as well!

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