Slow Cook(er)-along

I was pleasantly surprised when my copy of  The Vegan Slow Cooker popped through my letterbox today! Hurrah!

I had mixed feelings awaiting it’s arrival. On the one hand from looking through the blog and trying out one of the recipes off of the blog I was really excited! On the other hand the previous slow cooker book I bought was absolutely horrendous and uninspiring and has sat on my shelf unused and I was afraid of a repeat performance. I needn’t have worried! Thumbing through the pages I immediately started clocking recipes left, right and centre that sound tasty and interesting! I particularly like the method for cooking up pumpkin for pumpkin puree so simple and easy! Oh and pizza in a slow cooker! Fab! There is such a mix of mains, sides, sweets, dips, breads… you name it! Who knew you could do so much with a slow cooker! I can’t wait to get stuck in, so for the next 7 days we will be having meals from this book and giving you the low down! Unfortunately we had no food in the house so I started off with the basic fuss free risotto, this is literally cooking the rice in the slow cooker and you just saute whatever you have to hand and serve it up on top.

Here is the rice all cooked up. I halved the recipe as it was written as for 6 people and I wanted enough for two adults and a toddler. It probably just about covered this. I don’t think we have ridiculously large portions. Certainly my toddler isn’t a big eater, so either I didn’t quite get the measurements right (due to my over zealous two year old assisting) or the portion sizes come out quite small!

I call this the “what we had in the fridge/freezer” risotto… some frozen green beans, some frozen peas and a leek! I’m actually shocked that it didn’t come out looking a lot worse! I am really looking forward to cooking more recipes from this book. It’s hopefully really going to help me when it comes to cooking dinner, basically when I get to that time of the day I usually have a whingy toddler, a hungry baby and hungry cats all clamouring for my attention. Plus the dog is usually hyperactive ready for another walk, which makes it more than a little tricky to make a healthy nutritious meal! The book gives you directions for preparation the night before, which means either myself or my husband can prep the food whilst the kids are in bid. Another bonus is, because it isn’t hot when you start out, my toddler can help out a bit more (She loves cooking)! I am really looking forward to trying out lots of the oatmeal recipes too especially now the weather has got colder,  I usually get bored of porridge but with so many varieties in the book and on Kathy’s blog, I could probably eat a different oatmeal EVERY day of winter! So stick around to see how I get on with the book, or maybe go over and pick out a few recipes. Who knows maybe we can have a slow-cook-along??!!

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