Something old, something new…

Last night we had an old favourite Italian Bean Casserole with Garlic Bread…

I really love Italian food, I think it has a really lovely richness to it. We only had borlotti beans in our casserole (I forgot to add cannelini beans to the shopping list oops) and we didn’t have an open bottle of white so I substituted a bottle of Cooperative fairtrade red wine. To be honest I rather like red wine in tomato based sauces, casseroles etc anyway!

We never need an excuse to make our own garlic bread… absolutely love the stuff and it takes no time whatsoever. Just take your vegan margarine of choice (we use PURE soya spread), couple cloves of garlic (crushed/chopped) and either fresh or dried parsley (fresh is way better, but if you don’t have any to hand dried will do), mix it all together. Next take a ready made ciabatta and make cuts at regular intervals along the top. The interval size depends on how thin/fat you like your slices of garlic bread. It’s easier if you don’t cut all the way through to the bottom. Then stuff the garlic “butter” mix into each nook and cranny. I usually cook the ciabatta for about 8-10mins on 200C in our fan assisted oven. Unfortunately last night my two year old was demanding that dinner be served then and there and I didn’t leave it in quite long enough so a little bit of the garlic butter hadn’t melted fully. It’s the perfect accompaniment to this casserole!

Now for the something new! Maple Oat Cookies a recipe by WholeFoods Market. They have a lot of different recipes on their website and label which are veggie, vegan, gluten free etc.

These oaty cookies were quick and easy to make. I’m not very practiced at making cookies (I keep meaning to buy Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar but still haven’t got round to it!), so I don’t think I got the size of them quite right and they may have been cooked a minute or two longer than they needed. But I think they turned out quite well and they taste rather nice (must be that maple syrup!). I am going to be trying a few different recipes for vegan baked goods this month so keep popping back if you like that sort of thing!

A few posts in the pipeline:

  • Cooking with Toddlers
  • Aubergine and Spinach Risotto (an original recipe)
It is also Kids Clothes Week Challenge next week so I am going to be busy preparing for that and there will be some sewing posts as well next week.
I also have some Kids Crafts posts that I am going to be writing pretty soon.
So all in all something for everyone!

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