Ways with Spirulina

Whilst I was pregnant with my son, I attempted to boost my health by buying some Spirulina. Yes I say buying because that was almost all I did with the darn stuff. I don’t know if you have ever attempted to drink dark green orange juice but it was very off putting and I couldn’t find any other method of ingesting the spirulina that wouldn’t apparently destroy all it’s beneficial properties (I figured making cupcakes with it would be a bearable way of getting the spirulina in my body).

So now I’m stuck with two tubs of this green powder (it was on offer when I bought it). I’ve been trying to come up with ingenious uses for it and so far we have…

Added to the cornstarch paint recipe, it makes a wonderful deep green paint, perfect for using with homemade stamps made from cardboard rolls.

“Sprinkles” (glitter) optional! The yellow paint was made using turmeric.

The second idea I had was using it as a natural dye for homemade playdough.

To begin with the colour is a beautiful rich deep green

In action…

These cutters I think came from Lakeland. They were on sale so they may not sell them anymore. They are fantastic and really easy to use by toddlers. I will be interested to see how well the colour stays in this playdough. The beetroot coloured playdough also lost its colour over time. Probably due to being in a glass jar on a shelf near a window. I know natural dyes are meant to loose their colour with prolonged exposure to sunlight.

If anyone has any more interesting ideas or recipes (where you can’t taste the spirulina) let me know!

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