Mmm… doughnuts

I’ve been hankering after a good vegan doughnut for quite a while now. We have previously dabbled in baked doughnuts, but seriously is it really a doughnut if its not deep fried??!!

Ms Cupcake¬†has kindly shared a doughnut recipe on, sadly we didn’t have any yeast in our cupboard so instead I went for the Simple Doughnut recipe on Cake Baker.

It is a fairly simple recipe to whip up, even if you do get interrupted several times by your 5 week old son. The trickiest part is getting the oil temperature right. At first I had it too low and it ended up with a really thick crunchy shell. This batch were almost there… a nice golden colour, a nice thin crunchy shell just like a non-vegan doughnut. BUT there were a few places that they hadn’t quite cooked fully <insert sad face>. They still tasted really yummy particularly with the vanilla glaze shared by Ms Cupcake.

Still not convinced that the consistency is as close to a “real” doughnut that I can get so I’m going to try a yeast based one next time rather than fiddle around with the temperature of the oil.

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