Sewn Thank You Cards

I came across this tutorial for quilted notecards, whilst I was still pregnant and figured this would be perfect to whip up thank you cards for any new baby gifts we got.

This was the first card I made. I used white stitching on all the cards. I didn’t add the extra stitching across the card in the end, but I did add a hand stamped piece of canvas.

I thought I would mix up the colours a bit more with the second card…

Then back to more muted cards for the third…

I did a whole stash of these cards in the more muted shades. This is almost exclusively Cloud 9 fabric that I am still using up. There is just a little bit of the Tone Finanger fabric in two of the cards.

And here are the last few in slightly bolder shades. These are mostly fairtrade organic fabrics apart from the one piece of Cloud 9 fabric.

I think I will probably experiment with some different shapes next time I make a batch of cards. It will be tricky balancing something that looks interesting with making sure it doesn’t become too time consuming to sew

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