KCWC Spring 2011 Day Five

Another little something for the new baby. These are the “Nunnu Knit Pants” From Ottobre 1/2009 (Spring). They are specifically designed for Cloth Nappy babies-Hurrah!

I made these from an old t-shirt of my husbands, and left the dual colour hem on the leg cuffs. They are made from only 3 pieces of fabric: Two legs and One crotch panel. I will be making another pair of these in a slightly larger size out of Cloud 9’s Forest Friend’s Flannel, but these are a newborn size.

The rear of these trousers really makes them I think! After the wonderful “Miffy” appliqué on the PJs I made for my daughter, I decided a little bit of  appliqué  could be just what these trousers needed. Again I used Kunin Eco-Fi Felt, made from recycled plastic bottles. When I make these again out of the Flannel, They will have a contrast crotch panel, but as this pair were made all from the same plain fabric I figured a bit of detail would help lift them.

The appliqué is from Made by Joel and is actually from one of his colouring sheets. It is a nice modern, simple elephant and I used a straight stitch around the edge to sew it to the trousers and some embroidery thread to create the French knot eye. My plan is to also make the “Nuppu” wraparound jacket (same issue of Ottobre) and to have a contrasting brown elephant on the front of that. Although we have plenty of hand me down clothes for the new baby, I really wanted something I had made for those all important first days.

It is really hard to guage how the trousers are going to fit, I’ve never really had any clothes that fit cloth nappies, particularly in a newborn size, so fingers crossed they will look good!

I can’t believe there are only 2 days left of the KCWC! I think I am going to just make the “Nuppu” wraparound jacket and also a pair of trousers made from a pair of old jeans for Lily. As it’s the weekend I should hopefully have a little bit more time!!

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