Alternative Mother’s Day Bouquets

Flowers always go down well on Mother’s Day, but I fancied trying something a little bit different, so decided to hand make bouquets for mum and mum-in-law this year. I came across a few tutorials via Craftzine. Always a great source of inspiration!

The first bouquet is actually a DIY Fabic Wedding Bouquet. I used fairtrade organic cotton fabric in a few different shades/patterns of purple and I managed to source some eco-buttons, made from recycled polyester and cotton fibres. Sadly these have now been discontinued, so I had to get all the same size rather than a few different sizes for the different size flowers. Have managed to snag a set of yellow eco-velvet buttons for a top that I am planning on making.

I love how modern this bouquet is. As the stems are folded in half and it is designed as ┬áhand bouquet, the bunch is fairly short, so not really suitable to go in a vase. Instead I put some florist’s oasis in a pot (which I think might actually have come from my mother in law originally-waste not want not eh?) and created a lovely pot of fabric flowers. My mother in law has waaay better flower arranging skills than me, so if the bouquet does get a little squashed in the post then she can work her magic and make it look lovely again!

The second bouquet is a DIY crepe paper flower bouquet. Each flower is made from a strip of crepe paper which is scalloped on both sides, folded in half and fastened to a white stem (made from floristry wire). The centre has pearl seed beads glued into place-I say that, every now and then a few keep popping out!

Here is the bouquet in it’s entirety. This bouquet is completely different to the first. The flowers here are very delicate and in pastel spring colours. It is probably a more ‘realistic’ bouquet by comparison. It would have been nice to use recycled crepe paper but I didn’t think about it at the time but at least being made from paper it is naturally biodegradable. I do love how these flowers photograph as well.

Having longer stems and not being sent in the post, meant I could wrap this bouquet the same as a traditional bouquet. I used some handmade paper for the wrap.

… and finally here are the cards I made. I saw a few card ideas on the Hobbycraft website and attempted to adapt them. Both cards are collage inspired.

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