Teeny Weeny Woolly Bum

I used up some more of the Zitron Nimbus Organic Merino Wool to make a newborn nappy soaker, exactly the same colourways (body in harlequin, cuffs in olive) as the medium nappy soaker I finished last week.

It was a lot quicker knitting up the newborn soaker, probably due to how small it is! I thought it might be too small, but I tried it over the first size cloth nappies, when we were at my sister-in-law’s on Monday and it seems fine. I’m sure it will only be for the first month or so, then we would move onto the small size, which should last a while.

I actually have enough left of the harlequin, to knit up a medium soaker, although I will need to get some more for the contrast cuffs. My mum is still finishing off the medium soaker she was knitting, and is thoroughly annoyed with it, so she is sending back the rest of the Treliske 8ply Organic Merino Wool in ‘Merle’. So I will need to knit another newborn and small out of that first of all, before attempting to make some longies. If there is enough then I will probably make two nappy soakers for my nephew, for his birthday present, as my sister in law is really keen to try the wool nappy soakers.

So I just need to buy some more contrast wool, probably a dark brown in 8 ply to go with the Treliske. I feel like I may need a break from knitting for a while though!! Doing the same pattern over and over can be a bit wearing! I do have two other knitting patterns lined up: a sweater for the new baby (waiting to see if we are having a boy or a girl) and some toddler dungarees (waiting to find an organic linen yarn). I need to get my mum’s christmas present (a little late I know) finished, so I can have a nice sewing interlude, before getting cracking on some more knitting!

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