Lily’s Birthday Cake

Our nickname for Lily is Lily-Bug so it seemed appropriate that her first birthday cake was a ladybird! I scoured the internet for an image of a ladybird cake for inspiration and finally came across one that I liked. I tried to use a special dome birthday cake mould, but sadly, I think as I was making a vegan cake, I just couldn’t get it to bake properly and I ended up with a rather small slightly rounded cake, I added another round underneath to give it a little height but it still ended up a little smaller than I had anticipated.


The icing I bought ready made and I used some cookie cutters for the leaves around the base… theĀ antennae are made of liquorice!


Lily in her bug suit pointing out the candle that has just been blown out!


It didn’t take long for her to grab hold of the cake.


and here she is with her prize! She actually had her birthday cake a little early as we travelled down to see family in Devon. Despite it’s shortcomings I was very proud of this birthday cake and I am wondering how I will top it next year!

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