Sea-creature cot bumper

I finally finished the cot bumper for my daughter! This was my first attempt at applique and I have only recently started using the sewing machine (apart from sporadically when I was younger!). I found these fantastic applique patterns by Elizabeth of Oh Fransson! Who had posted PDFs of the patterns on Sew Mama Sew!

I sketched out my design in Photoshop and stuck to simple strips of Fairtrade cotton fabric for the side panels with a main panel made from bamboo fleece with the appliques made of the same Fairtrade cotton fabric as the side panels. The back was made from an organic Fairtrade sateen fabric. The wadding I used was made from bamboo (originally from Cotton Patch although they seem to have stopped stocking it) and the bumper ties were made from organic cotton ribbon (I think from ebay). The measurements were fairly rough, I used some online measurements from mothercare to get the overall dimensions for a bumper. Unfortunately our cot is from IKEA, so I’m not sure it really lined up!

The applique was ironed on using fusible interfacing and then the edge was sewn using a very tight zig-zag stitch (incredibly tricky and time-consuming!). As a result when I got to the very intricate weed, I decided to embroider it using chain stitch.

My sewing machine broke part way through so I ended up hand sewing alot of it, as I was impatient to get finished an already severely delayed project!!

In hindsight the wadding really wasn’t stiff enough to use for a cot bumper and I could probably have done with quilting the bumper instead of just using fusible interfacing to hold the layers in place but I was still very pleased with the result!

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